Beat the Heat with the Best Plastic Water Coolers in Pakistan: Options for Every Budget

As summers stand at the threshold, Temperatures are rising across Pakistan. Summer has its charms, but summer heat in Pakistan can be brutal, and staying calm is no longer a choice but an absolute necessity. This makes a water cooler indispensable for every household and office to provide excellent, clean drinking water on the go to ward off the high temperatures and keep one hydrated. Given the high demand for water coolers, there are many options in the market, but you may need help to choose a reliable water cooler in Pakistan that best serves your water needs. This guide will unravel the unique appeal of water coolers and the options you may consider according to your budget and preference. 

Why choose a plastic cooler 

If we compared plastic cooler to glass or metal water dispensers, a plastic cooler has several features that make it a worthy choice:

  1. It is lightweight, so it  is portable and you can carry around the house, whether it's a family gathering or an office.
  2. A plastic cooler is particularly user-friendly for homes as it is not prone to breaking or accidents, making it highly durable for long-term use. Plus, unlike a metal cooler, it is lighter on your budget, so practically anyone can afford it.
  3. A plastic cooler is also more hygienic as it can be easily washed to keep it free of any microbes. 

Budget-friendly option 

Want a plastic cooler but are limited by your budget? Well, you can enjoy the benefits of a water cooler within your budget. Happy Home offers an attractive range of water coolers at varying price ranges to cater to all budgets. With a water cooler by your side, you can refresh yourself whenever you want with chilled water. They are a perfect choice for small families and those who want to relish the pleasures of cool water at affordable prices. 

Premium coolers 

This category includes water coolers of higher capacities that cater to prominent families and offices with significant water needs. Happy offers its premium line of water coolers in varying capacities, from 6 to 14 litres, for maximum water storage, thus reducing the need for constant refills. For those desiring top-tier performance, our exclusive Happy thermo cooler has a 12 ml capacity with advanced features such as a push button lock system, dual cap protection, and an imported tap. Rest assured, investing in a cooler is a sound decision that will enable you and your family to keep up your water intake and stay hydrated all day. 

Features of Happy Home Coolers 


A fantastic feature of plastic coolers is their unmatched convenience. Happy home coolers come with an inbuilt tap that controls spillage and allows for convenient water dispensing whenever you need it. Forget costly water dispensers and get a water cooler- a simple yet cost-effective solution to enjoy an excellent, refreshing water supply. Also, the coolers are equipped with a plastic handle so that you can carry around the cooler wherever you go.    

Superior cooling 

Happy Home coolers are specially designed to keep water colder for longer due to their advanced insulation. This makes it a reliable choice for indoor and outdoor picnics. Moreover, our coolers are high on aesthetics, as they come in sleek and compact designs that complement the interiors of modern kitchens and houses. 


Happy House water coolers are manufactured using high-quality plastic, which makes them resistant to cracks. They are made for lasting performance and can be used in your houses and offices as well as for you to carry this portable cooler to your outdoor activities. 

Wrapping Up

As we approach summer, a water cooler is a must-have to replenish us with instant chilled water. If you are looking for the best Water Cooler in Pakistan, then Happy Home is a brand that offers high-performance water coolers for all budgets and needs. Whether it's your Home, office, or a public space, our budget-friendly coolers will allow you to stay hydrated throughout summers and beyond. Visit our store today or explore our online collection of water coolers that offer the best value for your money in Pakistan. Invest in Happy Home Coolers today and beat the heat with cool and refreshing water to stay active and healthy.
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