Stay hydrated all year round: Best plastic water coolers in pakistan

Staying hydrated is crucial especially when the sun is at its peak and the temperatures keep rising. Happy  The scorching summer heat can wear one down and leave us dehydrated if we don ‘t continuously replenish our water intake. This calls for a steady supply of cool water to refresh us for which a water cooler is indispensable. Investing in a high quality water cooler in Pakistan is  a great way to ensure that you are always hydrated and cool all-day and all-year long. 

Why choose plastic water coolers 

Easy access

 With a water cooler around you at home or in the office, you can enjoy the luxury of cool water to revitalize yourself without having to make rounds to refill your bottles. This can eventually promote healthy water-drinking habits. 


 Plastic water coolers are cheaper compared to electric water coolers and their durability makes them a worthwhile investment than spending huge sums on bottled water. 

Regular Drinking habits 

It can be exhausting to fulfill our need for water if the water source is far away.  A water cooler  can be carried around easily and its presence serves as constant reminder to drink water throughout the day 

Environmentally friendly. 

Plastic coolers are also a sustainable choice compared to plastic water bottles that can create litter and disposal problems. 

Why Choose Happy House Plastic Water Coolers?

Here are some reasons why Happy House plastic water coolers stand out:

1 Durability;. Happy house water coolers are manufactured using high-grade plastic which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. They are of a robust build which ensures lasting usage. 

2 Affordability; Happy House offers a wide variety of premium coolers at affordable rates making a water cooler a budget-friendly addition to your house. 

User-friendly design; Our coolers are optimized for everyday use. Thye feature an ergonomic design including easy to use taps and handles to aid convenience and safety. 

Insulation; Our coolers come with advanced insulation features to prevent absorption of heat and thus keep the water cold for longer periods. 

Top Happy House Water Cooler Options 

Happy Hot Value Water Cooler 14Ltr

This cooler is practical yet stylish .It boasts of a 14 litre capacity that provides sufficient refreshment throughout the day for office, home or picnics. It has a convenient carry handle and an imported tap and its durable internal plastic  guarantees long-lasting use. 

Happy Luxxy Gold (Water Cooler 8.5 Ltr)

This cooler stands out for its top-notch functionality and an elegant gold design that makes it excellent for everyday use in both indoor and outdoor settings. With a generous capacity of 8.5 liters, this cooler is a reliable option for those on the go along with an imported tap that minimizes leaks and drips. It’s uniquely constructed, with an internal high-quality  plastic covering that keeps the water clear and hygienic while the stainless steel exterior adds to its aesthetic appeal and protects it against rust and corrosion. 

Happy Hefty Cooler 14 Ltr

This is an ideal solution to effectively meet your hydration needs . It comes with a distinctive wooden texture that gives it a sort of a rustic charm that complements various settings. Equipped with a reinforced carry handle, this cooler is easy to carry  and provides a solid grip to effortlessly move it around within or during outdoor adventures. Further the sealed lid provides  a protective covering against contaminants to keep water pure as well as locking in its temperature for water that stays cool for long. 


A water cooler is a fantastic choice to maintain your water intake at the recommended levels and stay hydrated for your overall  well-being. As one of the leading kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan, Happy House offers a wide range of quality coolers that are durable and offer effective and efficient cooling. Bring a  water cooler to your home or office and revitalize yourself with water anywhere and anytime.

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