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Economical Hot Pot Set Price in Pakistan

  • Gain hot pot set (3Pcs)
  • Glass top to see inside nutrients
  • Side integrated handles for easy carry
  • Best for picnics, parties, and leftovers
  • Foods natural taste remains same eating after hours
  • Sizes: Large (3000 ml), X-Large (4000 ml), and XX-Large (5000 ml)


Order The Top Quality Hot Pot Set

Hot Pots are the most effective way to block heat transfer from the inside to the outside and vice versa. With our well-designed inner stainless steel construction, food items remain warm or cold for a decent amount of time, ranging from four to six hours. In addition, it is light and simple to carry. Unique appearance makes an eye-catching enhancement to your dining set table. Happy House discounted hot pot set price in Pakistan. Gain set hot pot has good storage for leftovers and serving; large (3000 ml), X-large (4000 ml), and XX-large (5000 ml).

Between errands, the children's school, and extracurricular activities, cooking food isn't easy enough, and you might require a time-shifting plan for your meals. Happy House Gain hot pot is the perfect partner for everyone to enjoy equally hot or cold food at various times. Serve it straight from this elegant dish!. The essential nutrition, vitamins, and flavour are preserved, as well as you'll be able to enjoy the food's natural crunch.  

In the kitchen, for picnics, dinners, holiday dinner parties, leftovers, or gifts, these hot pot Karachi can be used as a multi-functional hotpot that can be used as a serving dish and dinnerware. Happy House ensures quality about hotpots that cold food is cold and hot food is hot and makes a stylish statement. The hotpots are created by professionals and can be used for insulated food storage and bowls. You can buy online or visit or store. We have the minimal royal hot pot set price in Pakistan.

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