Happy Handsome Metallic Brown 4 Pcs Gift Pack

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Keeps Food Fresh With Handsome Metallic Giftpack

  • Handsome Metallic Brown (4 Pc)
  • Stainless steel construction keeps food warm
  • The dinner table will be decorated with eye-catching Giftpacks.
  • Gift your loved ones an affordable Giftpack
  • Giftpack sizes : Large Hotpot: 4000 ml, Medium Hotpot: 1500 ml, Small Hotpot: 750 ml, Cooler: 8.5 Ltr

Metallic Brown Elegant Giftpack Set

The material of the Handsome Metallic Brown (4 Pc) Insulated Giftpacks varies depending on your requirements. After you've reduced the number of hotspots you're considering based on their features and your budget, look at our exclusive Happy House giftpack.

Plastic Insulated Hot Pot from the gift pack has a stainless steel construction that keeps food at a consistent temperature for a long time. Your feeds and dinner table will be decorated with these eye-catching Hot Pot And Giftpacks. You may afford this Best Gift Pack Price in Pakistan. From our online store, you can purchase this for your friends and loved ones at affordable costs.

The 4 pcs giftpack set from Happy House includes a set of three Stainless Steel Insulated Hot pots in various sizes and a cooler. You may buy these inexpensive gift pack bundles for managing extra occasions and for your daily use.

Happy Handsome Metallic Brown 4 Pcs Gift Pack
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