Happy Handsome Metallic Brown 5 Pcs Gift Pack

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Handsome Metallic Brown Giftpack Set At Your Niche

  • Handsome Metallic Brown (5 Pc) giftpack set
  • Top glass handle grip
  • Easy to open and lock by twisting the lock
  • Unique style and appealing appearance
  • Giftpack sizes : Large Hotpot: 4000 ml, Medium Hotpot: 1500 ml, Small Hotpot: 750 ml, Cooler: 8.5 Ltr, Thermos: 1 ltr.


Kitchen Dining Giftpack Set

Handsome Metallic Brown (5 Pc)  Insulated Giftpack set will provide a distinctive touch to your meal. Its one-of-a-kind design was created to produce an enticing and gorgeous appearance while achieving the highest degree of cooking. This  Plastic Insulated Hot Pot can keep food warm for an extended time, making it ideal for camping, traveling, or everyday use. Hot pot And Giftpack's elegant design is excellent for optimizing volume while still being easy to store. You may purchase this Hot Pot And Giftpack in Pakistan at an affordable price to keep the leftovers by using Plastic Insulated Hot Pot. 

The Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Pot keeps temperature food maintained over time, allowing users to keep their food warm without needing heat. This keeps healthy nutrients and delicious flavors. Its Handsome Metallic Brown (5 Pc) gift pack is ideal for everyday occasions, parties, picnics, and travel. It can be used to prepare any food both indoors and out  — Hot pot set sizes are; small (750 ml), medium (1500 ml), and large (4000 ml) and a Cooler size is 8.5 Ltr, thermos: 1 ltr.

The Handsome Metallic Brown giftpack is easy to unlock and lock with a twist. It is convenient for traveling and will assist in keeping your food warm and chilled for hours. Enjoy the pleasures of warm meals that are perfect for keeping food hot or cold. The plastic casserole insulated hot pot is double-wall-insulated to keep warm food hot. Steel stainless steel interior is an easy-to-clean, food-safe material. It assists in keeping the temperature of food (hot and cold) and the nutritional value of food ingredients.

Happy Handsome Metallic Brown 5 Pcs Gift Pack
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