Happy Jumbo Jet Glass Top

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Glass Top Jumbo Size Hot Pot

  • Happy Jumbo Jet Glass Top hot pot set 3pcs
  • Jumbo size hot pot
  • Top long handle to carry 
  • Glass top to see appetizers inside
  • Keeps hot food hot, and cold for long hours
  • Safe material is use to keep the temperature safe and secure
  • Sizes:  Large (5 ltr), X-Large (7.5 ltr), and XX-Large (10 ltr)


Enjoy Now Delicious Food Any Time With Jumbo Hot Pot

The Happy Jumbo Jet Glass top hot pot is designed to keep the temperature of cold and hot food items. Its thick walls keep the food's temperature for a prolonged period of time, allowing the food to be warm without the need to heat your food and thus preserving the health benefits of nutrients and flavours. So when you are done cooking your delicious meal, just put the leftover food in this hot pot Karachi to ensure that the food stays warm.

This is also true for cold foods; if you've made an appetizer and would like to keep it cold, but there's no space in the fridge, put it in one of the hot pots that has an ample capacity, ideal for those who love entertaining guests. This is ideal for when you are expecting many guests or have changed your meal plan around. Also, the most surprising thing is that the royal hot pot set price in Pakistan is highly affordable and can easily be bought. Happy Jumbo set hot pot has ample storage, sizes; large (5 ltr), X-large (7.5 ltr), and XX-large (10 ltr).

Great for stews that are savoury as well as delicious desserts and more! It is ideal for making breakfast meals and carrying them to work or serving meals you have prepared right on the table. It is also great for storing food items away. It's safe to wash in the dishwasher. The investment is safe by buying our jumbo set hot pot Karachi as the hot pot set price in Pakistan is minimal.

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