Happy Line Metallic Vol 1 B (4 Pc)

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Perfect Giftpack For Your Tabletop

  • Happy Line Metallic Vol 1 Brown (4 Pc)
  • Happy Line Metallic Brown Giftpack is perfect For your tabletop
  • Happy House giftpack’s material quality is quite demanding
  • Giftpack Price is quite affordable in Pakistan
  • Giftpack sizes : Large Hotpot: 4000 ml, Medium Hotpot: 1500 ml, Small Hotpot: 750 ml, Cooler: 14 Ltr


Contemporary Happy House Insulated Giftpack

The contemporary Happy Line Metallic Vol 1 Brown (4 Pc)  Insulated Giftpack is perfect For your tabletop! Bundles of Hot Pot And Giftpacks are offered in our online shop at the most affordable Best Gift Pack Price In Pakistan. Fresh salads, salty chips, chicken nuggets, and other meals can be kept at the ideal temperature for guests, friends, or someone you love with the help of a Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Pot.

Our Happy House gift pack’s material quality is quite demanding. Gift Packs come in various chic patterns and attractive hues, are portable and are simple to clean. Happy House  Plastic Insulated Hot Pot and giftpack Price is quite affordable and with an extended expiration date. 

Happy Line Metallic Vol 1 B (4 Pc) giftpack consist of 3 Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Pot and a cooler — Hot pot set sizes are; small (750 ml), medium (1500 ml), large (4000 ml), and a Cooler size is 14 Ltr.

Happy Line Metallic Vol 1 B (4 Pc)
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