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Hisense Pearl Affordable Royal Hot Pot Set Price in Pakistan

  • Hisense Pearl Hot Pot (3Pcs)
  • Keeps food warm and cold for up to hours
  • Top handle easy to carry
  • Modern style hot pot
  • Perfect for picnic, parties and serving to guests
  • Sizes: Large (4000 ml), X-Large (5500 ml), and XX-Large (7000 ml)


Innovative And Artistic Hot Pot Set

The outstanding & ingenious look hot pot & Happy House hotpots helps to keep the food warm for up to hours. The unique finish gives an outstanding look to the hot pot karachi. This collection is designed with a classical-modern style and adds fun to your kitchen use. It is perfect for home use or for gifts. Hot pot set sizes are; large (4000 ml), X-large (5500 ml), and XX-large (7000 ml).

Happy plastic hisense pearl casserole hot pot is the healthier choice! This hot pot food container is the best choice for storing both warm and cold food. Our hotpot containers are equipped with advanced insulation that keeps food warm and cold for up to hours.

With a large space capacity, this pearl hot pot comes in 3 sizes. (small, medium and large). The hotpots can hold enough food for a one-time family meal. Despite being full, the handle on top makes it easy to carry. Time to add a classy and elegant touch hot pot to your dining table by purchasing a royal hot pot set price in Pakistan at a very reasonable amount. 

The hot pot preserves the temperature and flavor of the food. This hot pot is best to keep roti, pulao, breakfast muffins, vegetables, salad, rice and meat in it to keep hot until you eat them. Our hotpots are durable, odorless and unbreakable so what do you want more? Add taste to your life with a Happy House hot pot.

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