Hot Food Server (3 Pc)

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Excellent Choice Set Hot Pot Karachi

  • Hot Food Server Hotpot (3Pcs)
  • Top handle for easy mobility
  • Best for picnics, and parties and traveling
  • Simple colour, and design with prints
  • Keep food hot and cold for long hours
  • Sizes: Large (3000 ml), X-Large (4000 ml), and XX-Large (5000 ml)


Convenient Size Hot Pot 

Happy House hot food server is a great choice for healthy eating! The food server hotpots keep the food temperatures at a comfortable temperature for up to four hours. They can also keep food cold for up to 6 hours. Avoid reheating, and you don't have to microwave, and it will keep the food's essential nutrients and taste and vitamins. Hot food server set hot pot sizes are large (3000 ml), X-large (4000 ml), and XX-large (5000 ml).

Excellent gift idea for delighting your mother or grandma, aunt, daughter or Niece, friend, or someone you care about with this set of hot pots for the holidays such as Eid, thanksgiving birthdays, or celebrating their anniversary with a healthy lifestyle. Buy the excellent hot pot set price in Pakistan at a minimal cost from our store or online.

Its stylish and fashionable style will add a stunning addition to your table. A versatile food server set hot pot Karachi is an essential item in any kitchen for busy moms with various food schedules and special diets for picky eaters. Save money as the royal hot pot set price in Pakistan is affordable for every home! Make your delicious meals that look appealing and delicious. It will stay warm and cold until the time for dinner. 

Hot Food Server (3 Pc)
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