Reborn Gift Pack (4 Pcs)


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Innovative Look Giftpack

  • Reborn Gift Pack (4 Pcs) Giftpack
  • Discover modern-day selections of dining sets with 4pcs.
  • Giftpack with a trendy color scheme and a high-end finish.
  • Easy Grip Handle


Hot Pot Set with Aesthetic Look

The Happy House 4pcs Hot Pot And Giftpacks are designed to keep cold and heated food at the exact temperature. The thick-walled insulation keeps food items at a constant temperature over a more extended period, allowing the food to be warm without heating them while preserving healthy nutrients and delicious flavors.

When you've prepared your delicious dinner, you can put any food leftovers in the Plastic Insulated Hot Pot, an enclosed dish designed to keep the temperature of food. If you've made an appetizer that you want to keep cold, you can preserve it in a cooler if you don't have the refrigerator space.

The  Plastic Insulated Hot Pot is made from stainless steel, durable, heat-resistant, and food-safe. Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Pot will keep food hot or cold for an extended period. This means the pasta and sauces you cook will remain warmer for longer. Desserts will be deliciously cold, perfect for lots of guests and make it more enjoyable—Affordable Insulated Giftpacks prices in Pakistan.

Reborn Gift Pack (4 Pcs)
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