Hefty premier Glass Top 3 pcs set

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Eye Catching Glass Top Hot Pot

  • Hefty Premier Glass Top 3 pcs hot pot set
  • Top Quality Stainless steel inside
  • Preserves food taste for long hours
  • Glass top and easy-grip handle
  • Stylish hot pot addition to your dining table
  • Sizes: Small (750 ml), Medium (1500 ml),  and Large (4000 ml)


Get Amazing 3Pcs Hot Pot Set

Happy House set hot pots are insulated by top-quality premier glass top 3 pcs set. The specially designed double-walled storage and strong hot pot are filled with top-quality puff. Our hot pot has a durable and stunning look. Always fill the pot up to capacity. This will ensure maximum heat retention. You can buy a Happy House hot pot set price in Pakistan at a reasonable cost. 

Transfer hot food from the cooking vessel into the Happy House hot pot. It can keep it warm and cold for hours. Hot pots are the most innovative method of preventing heat transfer from the inside out and vice versa. With our well-designed inner stainless steel construction, food items remain warm or cold for a decent amount of time, ranging from four to six hours. Easy to transport and lightweight. The striking - unique appearance of the metallic surface, as well as the wavy two-tone or modern design, will make for an eye-catching addition to your beautiful dining table. It's a must!!

Preparing dinner isn't easy enough between your daily errands, kids' school, and other extracurricular activities. Sometimes, you'll have to schedule meals in a different order. Hefty Premier Glass top set hot pot is the ideal partner for everyone to enjoy the same cold or hot food at various times. Serve it directly from this stylish hot pot! Nominal royal hot pot set price in Pakistan. The hotpot set sizes are; small (750 ml), medium (1500 ml),  and large (4000 ml).


Hefty premier Glass Top 3 pcs set
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